HST Parabolic Suspension systems
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- Improved flexibility

HST Parabolic Springs will allow more axle movement due to their typical characteristics and lack of interleaf friction.

- Improved stability

HST Parabolic Springs have a slightly higher spring rate and in combination with special shock absorbers it will give more stability to the vehicle at all speeds.

- Increased load capacity

HST Parabolic Springs are modular. Separate leafs can be added, to increase load capacity, or removed, to lower the spring rate, without compromising the structure of the spring itself.

TÜV Approved

For the majority of our Parabolic Suspension Systems we have the strict TÜV Teilegutachten.
This approval is only of value for the German market but also for the Dutch, Danish, French and Belgium market where the local authorities acknowledge these approvals because the TÜV is highly respected within Europe.

TÜV Certification

TÜV Teilengutachten

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