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Land Cruiser Hi Lux pick up

Toyota Hi Lux 4WD Pick Up
RN/LN series 36, 46 and 65 (all leaf sprung models)

For the HiLux 4WD I designed a system to improve comfort at normal loads and it will give +50 to +80 mm lift depending on the weight of the vehicle.

The standard system has a 2 leaf front and rear spring set-up but by simply adding an extra leaf to the rear springs, turning it into a 3 leaf, more payload is possible due to the modular layout of the parabolic spring. All systems are designed for the maximum allowed gross vehicle weight but it is possible to load to + 40%* of this maximum gross weight.

All kits include 
Type: Kit number Price*
HiLux RN/LN36, 46 & 65, leaf springs front and rear
Wheel arch height front = 630 mm / rear = 630 mm (no load)
[max. 550 Kg load on the rear axle]
HST 715.50.1A e-mail
HiLux RN/LN 36, 46 & 65, leaf springs front and rear
Wheel arch height front = 630 mm / rear = 630 mm (with 300 Kg load)
[max 1.000 Kg load on the rear axle]
HST 715.50.1B e-mail

Shock absorber kits (2 front + 2 rear) Price*
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* All prices are excluding VAT. Shipping is extra.


  HiLux PU Front  HiLuxPU Rear (detail) 

  HiLuxPU Rear (detail)   HiLuxPU Rear (detail)

This HiLux is a LN36 (1979) model and was stored for 28 years and used first as a sales model, it was never sold or driven.
The tacho reads only 136 Km! It's still new, although very rusty....

On the LN65 extra cab we fitted a suspension with a front 2 leaf and rear 2 leaf (3 leaf with the 3rd leaf removed) set-up.
The system works even with the extra load of roof tent and equipment. The 3 leaf rear spring will hold even more load, as seen above with the red Hilux.

*)Please note that the factory stated max. gross weight may not be exceeded at any time.
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