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Suzuki Samurai SJ series

For the Suzuki Samurai I designed a special 2 leaf system. This system proofed to be the best set-up because the relatively light vehicle needed large axle articulation for heavy off-road use. A MonoLeaf set-up is only suited for normal road use with only little lift. Due to the high stresses inside the steel a MonoLeaf set-up is NOT suited of off-road use or lifts above 25 mm.

The result is a system that will give a very comfortable ride and still lifts +30 mm and +60 mm over standard height. The +30 mm lift system is a 100% interchangeable system and needs no alterations or modifications. The +60 mm system, on the other hand, might need attention to the drive shaft angles, brake lines etc. but will not give much problems to install. The dimensions of the springs (length, eye diameter and width) are strictly original to ensure a perfect fit.

All kits include;

  • 2 front springs, 
  • 2 rear springs
  • 2 u-bolt axle kits
  • Full bush kit (spring and chassis)
  • 4 HST ES3000 4x4
HST 715.20.06 kit
Above: the HST 715.20.06 system
Type Kit number Price
Samurai SJ 4xx series +30 mm lift HST 715.20.06 On-line WebShop
Samurai SJ 4xx series +60 mm lift HST 715.20.07 e-mail
* All prices are excluding VAT. Shipping is extra.

For those who want to make their Samurai into a off-road machine I have modification kits available:

  • Shackle reversal kit, including special shackles, gives additional 2" lift
  • Spring-over-axle conversion kits
  • Conversion kit to mount fit Jeep YJ parabolic springs (HST 715.80.01) to the Suzuki.

Please contact me for more details.

More info and pictures coming soon.

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