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Land Rover 88"& 109" Series I, II, IIA, III

The Land Rover Series vehicles have always suffered form hard and inflexible leaf springs. When Santana started the production of the Series IV in Spain in 1984 they moved to parabolic springs.

These parabolic springs have been the starting point from where I developed my HST parabolic springs. In the period from 1998 to 2000 I developed, re-designed and tested these parabolic springs to into the current HST system.

The flexibility and axle articulation are increased compared to the original but above all the ride comfort has been dramatically improved.

The HST systems will give an increased ride height of 20 to 40 mm depending on vehicle weight and engine type. For every day use this system is the best option. It will increase driving comfort, safety and increased road stability at any speed. Above all it will retain or even exceed the maximum load capacity of the vehicle. This was tested during TUV approval evaluation in Germany and received the TÜV certificate of approval.



Land Rover 'Load level B' suspension kit

The complete system HST 715.10.2

Systems available for Land Rover Series II, IIA & III Kit number Price*
88" (SWB), Load level A,
suited for lightweight driving where no load requirements are needed
HST 715.10.1 na
88" (SWB) & 109 (LWB), Load level B,
suited for normal use without compromising load capacity
HST 715.10.2 Eur 680,-
109" (LWB), Load level C,
suited for stationwagons in normal conditions where no extra load requirements are required
HST 715.10.3 na
109" (LWB), Load level D,
suited for all types incl. stationwagons with load demand over standard capacity, e.g. overland trips with maximum load on board
HST 715.10.4 Eur 750,-
All prices are excluding VAT. Shipping is extra.
All kits include 2 front springs + 2 rear springs. Shock absorbers, u-bolts and bushes are extra.
All suspension systems are suited for serious off-road and on-road driving without compromising ride comfort.


Millitary Land Rover

Suise Land Rover + camper unit with 'Load level D' suspension kit Land Rover Pickup 109 with 'Load level C' suspension kit

Suise Land Rover + camper unit with 'Load level D' suspension kit

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