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Land Rover 101 GS

Although the Land Rover 101" already has parabolic springs fitted form the factory the demand for the springs where high rated. Because the majority is driving them without any load I have designed a special 40% softer system with spring rates lowered from 75 N/mm to 45 N/mm. This softer system will allow more articulation and flexibility. Although the maximum load capacity is not affected the vehicle will be lower with the same load. However, this was never the designed objective.

The system will not give an significant lift because the 101" has already good off-road ground clearance. The extra articulation is found in the axle drop and more flexible inward movement of the springs due to the lower spring rate.

Most important features:

  • Lower spring rate, 45 N/mm instead of 75 N/mm on standard 101" springs
  • The rear springs are slightly longer to allow more axle drop
  • The springs are 70 mm wide instead of 76 mm. This will make the spring more flexible to lateral torque
  • The Polyurethane HST interleaf blocs are used to lower the interleaf friction

This 101" has unimog rims and 9.00 x 20" truck tires fitted. The measurments on the front (pic) are 1100 mm and rear 1200 mm. For this test the shocks where disconnected.

Front and rear spring details.


Because the 101 already has parabolic springs it is not necessary to change the shock absorbers but to enable better axle articulation and more comfort it is advisable to change the shocks also. At this moment a series of shocks are checked for suitability.
Type Kit number Price
Land Rover 101 GS HST 715.10.6
All kits include 2 front springs, 2 rear springs, spring eye bushes and 4 u-bolts (rear)

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