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Leaf sprung Daihatsu F70, F75 & F80/85 'Rocky' or 'Fourtrack'

For these vehicles we have designed a system to improve both comfort and axle articulation. The system has a ride height increase of 60 mm and it will suit the need of the majority of Daihatsu owners. The vehicle will have an 'exactly right' appearance in combination with most popular larger then standard tires.

The springs will fit the vehicle without changes.. With all height increase kits special attention to the drive line is required at all times. Please ask your local Daihatsu specialist.

All kits include;
  • 2 front springs, 
  • 2 rear springs, full bush kit (spring and chassis), 
  • 2 axle U-bolt kits


The complete HST 715.20.1 kit
Type Kit number Price (excl. VAT/shipping)
F70/75/80/85 Rocky / FourTrack (+60mm) HST 715.20.1 e-mail
NB: Suited for both LHD and RHD  
The complete HST 715.20.1 kit The Daihatsu of Arien in action

This is the Daihatsu Rocky of Arien who drives successfully competition trials with this HST suspension system.

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